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Kaitlin Hildebrant


Ms. Kaitlin Hildebrant has been teaching English as a Second Language since 2015, when she started teaching ESL classes at Oklahoma City Community College. She fell in love with teaching ESL. To give someone the language skills and confidence they need to succeed is very rewarding to her. In 2017, she fulfilled her dream of moving to the beach in Florida. Once in Florida, she began teaching ESL at Lott English Academy, a school in Pompano Beach, where she still teaches today. Ms Hildebrant has also taught for UCEDA English School, where she is now an academic coordinator. 

It’s easy to see that Ms. Hildebrant loves being a part of ELA’s faculty as an English instructor. She loves studying languages herself- She is fluent in Spanish and is learning Portuguese! Since she studies languages also studies languages, just like the students, she can tell from her own experiences what works and what doesn’t. Her philosophy is that when you make learning a language fun, the students will learn at maximum velocity. She puts in a lot of effort to make learning English fun through a variety of engaging activities that will help the students retain at their highest level. 

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