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Immerse yourself in the world of learning English and take advantage of the sunny days to improve your language skills.

Summer 2023 english

Embrace the summer breeze.

Embrace the summer breeze and make every moment count by investing in your language journey. Take advantage of our special summer promotion and start speaking English with more confidence.

From interactive group classes to personalized one-on-one, face to face and hybrid sessions, we have the perfect program tailored to your needs, hether you’re a beginner or aiming to reach advanced fluency, our expert instructors and immersive learning approach will ensure you make rapid progress.

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Our Programs

Academic English Program

All Academic English courses are designed to facilitate our English language learners (ELLs) to become fluent in English and independent learners. Every single course is linked to an interactive and innovative academic platform to deliver teaching content in varied linguistic ways.

accelerated english


This ultimate program will offer you the linguistic English knowledge to communicate effectively and accurately in the four English language skills in Writing, Reading, Listening/Speaking, and Grammar.  All ELA’s Courses Include E-Book/E-Workbook/E-English Lab Plus Tech, Learning Support with Tuition!

TOEFL, IELTS, College Essay Prep for ESL

Through rigorous practice exercises, mock exams, and targeted feedback, we will help you sharpen your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, ensuring that you are fully prepared for the exam day. 

Business English Program

The design of this course will improve your Business English speaking skills by building up your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, interpersonal skills within a business context, and your skills to covey professional business speeches for specific purposes.


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Spanish Conversation Program🇪🇸 

Improve your Spanish speaking skills by building up your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and interpersonal skills.

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Private Language Sessions.

The personalized english you need any time any day for you or your work team.

About ELA

Ela, Elite Language Academy, is an online learning center that facilitates knowledge of the English language, fosters multicultural awareness and teaching practices through technological innovation. We strive to assist in the achievement of our students’ academic and overall goals.


We are committed to giving you the best, ensuring an education of the best quality for a current and global world.


We are constantly redefining the syllabus, based on new innovative methods and student experience.


We respect differences in ethnic, cultural, religious, and gender orientation of students and teachers.


Integrity is our great value, we maintain our agreements and action plans in a transparent and fair manner.


  1. Specialized for English non-native speakers (ESL).
  2. Hybrid Learning: Face to face and online.
  3. Inductive and communicative pedagogy.
  4. Certified Professors.
  5. International Student friendly.
  6. Quick courses.
  7. Flexible hours and days.
  8. Accurate and Effective.
  9. American Style

What People Say About ELA

Elite Language Academy is a proud member of Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce

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