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Train your kids to be global citizens

Face to Face Classes of Innovation and Second Language for 5-16 years old kids

Give your child the gift of global citizenship this summer!
Enroll them in our After School Program at Elite Language Academy and iCode in Weston, Florida today.

Advantages of this Program


Empower your child with innovative learning experiences in drone driving, coding, and language acquisition, setting them up for success in an increasingly globalized world


Choose from a wide range of classes in both innovation and second language learning, allowing your child to tailor their educational experience to their unique interests and goals.


Benefit from the expertise of our skilled instructors at Elite Language Academy and iCode, who are dedicated to nurturing your child’s intellectual curiosity and fostering a love for learning.


Watch as your child’s creativity, problem-solving skills, and language proficiency flourish through our holistic approach to education, ensuring their holistic growth and development.

The Program

Introducing our innovative After School Program designed to cultivate global citizens of the future. At Elite Language Academy, in association with iCode, we offer face-to-face classes in innovation and second language learning for kids aged 5-16. Through engaging activities like drone driving, Minecraft coding, and virtual reality exploration, alongside immersive language sessions in Spanish or English, we provide a stimulating learning environment where children can thrive and develop valuable skills. With our program, parents can rest assured that their child’s educational journey is in good hands, as our experienced instructors are dedicated to providing personalized attention and guidance every step of the way.

Our program stands out for its comprehensive approach to child development, blending cutting-edge technology with language acquisition to foster creativity, critical thinking, and cultural awareness in young learners. Whether your child is exploring the world of robotics or mastering a second language, they’ll gain the tools and confidence needed to succeed in today’s ever-changing global landscape. Join us at Elite Language Academy and iCode, where we empower young minds to reach their full potential and become active participants in shaping the future.


Our program employs a dynamic and hands-on approach to learning, ensuring that children are actively engaged and excited about their educational journey


Classes are held regularly throughout the week, offering flexible scheduling options to accommodate busy family lifestyles.


Parents can rest assured knowing that their child’s progress is closely monitored by our experienced instructors, who provide personalized feedback and support every step of the way.

About iCode. 

Empowering future innovators

iCode is a leading provider of STEM education for children, focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Our innovative curriculum is designed to integrate these disciplines through hands-on, gamified learning experiences. Led by a team of experts in computer science and instructional design, our program continuously evolves to keep pace with technological advancements. Through engaging activities, children not only develop technical skills but also vital soft skills like collaboration and critical thinking, preparing them for future success.

About ELA

Ela, Elite Language Academy, is an online learning center that facilitates knowledge of the English language, fosters multicultural awareness and teaching practices through technological innovation. We strive to assist in the achievement of our students’ academic and overall goals.


We are committed to giving you the best, ensuring an education of the best quality for a current and global world.


We are constantly redefining the syllabus, based on new innovative methods and student experience.


We respect differences in ethnic, cultural, religious, and gender orientation of students and teachers.


Integrity is our great value, we maintain our agreements and action plans in a transparent and fair manner.

English classes

Lau Mes
Lau Mes
"Tuve el privilegio de estudiar en Elite Language Academy, y fue un cambio para mi vida. A diferencia de otras academias, ELA tiene en cuenta a cada estudiante. Su enfoque personalizado jugó un papel vital en mi avance significativo en el idioma." ☺️ Jackeline Canard gracias por brindarme el honor de tenerte como mi profesora! Sos la mejor🤩
Mario Florez
Mario Florez
Hola, es una excelente academia, aprendí muchísimo con mi profesor y lo mejor es que puedo tener flexibilidad de horarios, gracias Elite Language Academy, mi nivel de inglés ha mejorado 🤩
Greg Beebe
Greg Beebe
I had the privilege of studying at Elite Language Academy. Unlike other language academies I had researched, Elite stands out in understanding what makes each student unique (versus a generalized curriculum). The teaching approach was tailored to my needs in both learning style and available timing. The team has been completely dedicated which played a vital role in enhancing my language skills. I would highly recommend Elite for those looking to learn a new language, enhance existing language skills and for those in business and looking to learn for pleasure.
Andrea Olmos
Andrea Olmos
Great experience with this company. Very professional and thoughtful! My instructor, Maria-Jose Olmos is phenomenal. Thank you!
Michael Eisenstadt
Michael Eisenstadt
Such a great experience with Elite Language Academy! Gustavo has a unique ability to teach complex grammar in a fun/easy way. He’s super dedicated to his students and came prepared for every lesson! Que buena experiencia con ELA. Profe Gustavo tiene una habilidad única enseñar temas avanzadas en una manera divertida y facil. El esta super dedicado y preparado para sus estudientes! 5 estrellas ⭐️
Ana Maria Silva
Ana Maria Silva
Excellent plataforma and teacher Thanks so mauch
Carolina Gómez
Carolina Gómez
Amazing service
Jean Coello
Jean Coello
I want to thank everyone at Elite Language Academy. I was struggling to learn English but thru their expertise they improved my speaking so much that I was able to get a job
Maria-Jose Olmos
Maria-Jose Olmos
Elite Language Academy (ELA) is an exceptional and professional learning program. The online platform is user-friendly and the ELA team is always ready to support their learners. ELA invests their time and energy to set up their learners for success. Elite Language Academy (ELA) es un programa de aprendizaje excepcional y profesional. La plataforma en línea es fácil de usar y el equipo de ELA siempre está listo para ayudar a sus alumnos. ELA invierte su tiempo y energía para preparar a sus alumnos para el éxito.
Maria Teresa Medina
Maria Teresa Medina
Excellent English academy, A++ teachers and customer service. 100% recommended. I love English conversation Café.

 Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Exposing children of learning a second language from a young age has shown to the improvement of cognitive development, academic performance, and culture sensitivity. Beyond these academic advantages, bilingualism also opens doors to diverse career opportunities and fosters greater empathy and communication skills, setting children up for success in an increasingly interconnected world.

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    This course is aimed at

    This course is aimed at nurturing the skills and abilities of children aged 5-16 who are eager to explore innovative technologies and develop proficiency in a second language. Whether your child is a budding coder, an aspiring linguist, or simply seeking to expand their horizons, our program provides the perfect platform for growth and discovery.

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