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We aspire to be a world-class conductor that will empower students to be global leaders assuring their language education to obtain their ultimate professional goals.

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Our Programs

accelerated english


This ultimate program will offer you the linguistic English knowledge to communicate effectively and accurately in the four English language skills in Writing, Reading, Listening/Speaking, and Grammar.  All ELA’s Courses Include E-Book/E-Workbook/E-English Lab Plus Tech, Learning Support with Tuition!

After School Program

In association with iCode, ELA offer face-to-face classes in innovation and second language learning for kids aged 5-16. Through engaging activities like drone driving, Minecraft coding, and virtual reality exploration, alongside immersive language sessions in Spanish or English, we provide a stimulating learning environment where children can thrive and develop valuable skills


Our TOEFL and IELTS Preparation Program is meticulously crafted to assist students in achieving their desired scores in these globally recognized English proficiency exams. Through a blend of comprehensive study materials, targeted practice sessions, and expert guidance, participants develop the language skills and test-taking strategies essential for success.

Business English Program

Our program integrates real-world case studies, role-playing exercises, and industry-specific language training to equip learners with the language fluency and cultural understanding necessary for success in today’s global marketplace

More Programs

Courses for companies

Corporate Program

Empower Your Team, Expand Your Horizons. Your employees gain the linguistic proficiency to navigate new markets, driving business growth and unlocking global opportunities.

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writing essay ESL english

College Essay Prep

To improve your interpersonal communication skills once or twice a week.

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Spanish Conversation Program 🇪🇸

Improve your Spanish speaking skills by building up your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and interpersonal skills.

Private custom sessions

Private Language Sessions.

The personalized english you need any time any day for you or your work team.

ELA's Learning Journey

Elite Language Academy

Qualified Professionals using innovative methods to merge classes globally diverse.

Our Learning Method



We provide an alternative educational face to face language delivery and use of a virtual space as well.



Reinforce your academic, professional, and intimate value mastering the English language or any other foreign language.



Our faculty members are certified professors who are masters in their field of expertise. All of them perform professional teaching assignments in world-renowned higher education institutions.



A leading global language academy!



We offer support services to international students to operate our virtual program, prepare for university culture, and adjust to life in the United States.


Multiple Programs

We offer a variety of language program options to meet students' needs. Students have face-to-face sessions as their program preference as well.


Latest Learning Technology

We utilize the latest in advanced technology to merge a classroom that is globally diverse.

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Spanish Conversation Program 🇪🇸 

For improve your interpersonal communication skills with Spanish certified and native instructors. Modes: Face to face or hybrid sessions

What People Say About ELA

How ELA Works


Take Courses

All ELA’s blended courses present combined English language skills (Grammar, Writing, Listening, Speaking & Reading). Courses offer engaging sessions with a certified Professor to facilitate language skills and E- language lab included.


Course Completion

Every interactive course includes traditional and digital artifacts besides e-course platform assessments. You’ll need to successfully finish ALL assignments to earn your certificate.


Earn a Certificate

When you finish every course, complete artifacts, and submit the end course survey, you’ll earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers, academic advisors, and your professional networking.

Which English Program is Right for Me?

I desire a Collage/University Degree

The right program ELA offers you is the Academic English (AE). This program will develop your English skills in Grammar, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Reading to be competitive in any higher education institution (Placement Test).

I am not Interested in a Degree and Simply Wish to Learn/Improve my English

The right program ELA offers you is the Accelerated English Program (AEP) that it is offered in a Fast-Track Module or an Intensive Module.

I Want a Customized English Program

Elite Language Academy offers Private English classes suitable for any ELA’s program based on students’ needs and requests.

If you have additional questions or need more advisement, contact us or email us.

  • +1 754-307-0985 

Translation Services

We offer certified, reliable and experienced professionals with 10+ years of experience in English and Spanish.

What can we translate for you?

  • Legal documents (birth certificates, academic transcripts, divorce decrees, school diplomas, grades and more)
  • College curriculum and programs
  • Manuals and other technical documents (aviation certificates of insurance, music contracts, meteorology and more)
  • Press releases and marketing material
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Websites