About Us

We want to take the agony out of choosing what language program best suits you. Our site is designed to be user friendly, while helping you to compare not just courses, but how we identify with your needs. We know your time is valuable, and that you can’t spend all day searching every language site yourself, thus we provide you with one option. Do you want a good deal? We can help. Do you want a great experience and put the fun back into planning your language course? Then look no further, Elite Language Academy (ELA) is what you need.

Our Mission

We exist to facilitate language learning, multicultural awareness, and teaching practices through technological innovation. We STRIVE to impact students’ success achieving academic and professional goals on a global scale. We INSPIRE an educational connection which promotes global growth through the walls of virtual space.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a world-class conductor that will empower our students to be global leaders assuring their language education to obtain their ultimate professional goals.

Core Values


Maintaining professionalism in curriculum standards, faculty, innonvative research, and life-long learning.


Respect for faculty, strategic partners, and students’ differences in ethnicity, culture, religion, socio-economic statuses, and gender orientation.


Integrity to sustain transparent and fair policies and action plans.