ELA’s Academic English

Academic English Program Description & Features

The curriculum and teaching design of every academic English course build a powerful foundation of combined English language skills. ELA’s interactive engaging approach allows students to learn through activities that facilitate the acquisition of speaking, listening, reading, and writing naturally. Students receive instant feedback being a key for students to gain confidence in their skills learning English academically. ELA’s virtual space and teaching tools provide a personalized learning path to support students’ focus on learning priorities being able to blend the four language English skills simultaneously. 

ELA’s innovative approach delivers English language instruction considering effective learning techniques for specific language skills. The assimilation of the English grammar has revolutionized instruction worldwide. ELA’s instructors apply developmental skills tools that offer a comprehensive independent support. This effective approach blends direct grammar instruction with sequence practice attentively to achieve linguistic skills. English learners are able to explore structures in realistic contexts applying language knowledge creatively. Instruction delivers many opportunities to develop fluency. 

To illustrate, Grammar is delivered as an organizing system to facilitate students to process the language they see and hear, replacing a varied selection of rules. Students obtain grammatical structures charts to apply diverse types of exercises such as written exercises, error-analysis exercises, let’s talk exercises, listening and pronunciation exercises, and expansion and games practices. At the same time, the teaching approach of listening & speaking and reading & writing are part of integrated skill courses. They all incorporate critical thinking and academic skills with language development engaging students to go through authentic and attractive curriculum. This curriculum focuses on skills development in multiple scenarios and constant exposure; having access to varied ways to gain fluency with all English language skills. 

ELA’s teaching direction leads English learners to be competitive for the academic demands of college level and university study. Elite Language Academy methodology builds a natural, logical design for English learners to own their learning!


All ELA’s online courses present combined English language skills with a concentration of one specific one (Grammar/ Writing/ Listening/ Speaking/ Reading). To begin, choose the English program you are interested in, based on your needs. Take the alternative placement test if it’s needed as a reference for the course you want to take. After getting the score result indicators, enroll in the course(s) directly. When you enroll in a course that is part of a program, you’re automatically subscribed to the full program. An administrator will contact you to set your access codes and further instructions to begin your virtual journey. ELA will guide you to accomplish all your courses successfully. Our International advisement team will assist you to design your individual academic plan to make possible your professional and higher education expectations. You will receive supporting resources to lead your online classes and e-live sessions with our linguistic experts, with confidence and perseverance! Trust in us!

Pedagogical Features

This unique instruction style also includes a variety of features that are not offered in most traditional English language institutions. ELA’s teaching resources reinforce learning online, allowing for more meaningful analysis, and communicative performance in virtual space. The instructional lectures and activities present unlimited practice that controls student’s progress and learning. Instant feedback provides real-time learning opportunities improving student results. Students can take additional activities as they select, as often as they decide. At the same time, English language learners obtain constructive feedback from instructors as they build a portfolio and evaluate improvement. In order to measure student’s progress consistently, English learners record themselves and compare their performance to a model. As part of the process, students can submit their audio to their instructor for immediate assessment. To assure student’s confidence, students have access with multi-language translation support for the course interface excluding course content.

Teacher’s Notes for AE Program: 

All Academic English (AE) courses are designed to facilitate our English language learners (ELLs) to become fluent in English and independent learners. Every single course is linked to an interactive and innovative academic platform to deliver teaching content in varied linguistic ways. The presence of instructors in charge of specific AE courses is to incorporate their professional expertise clarifying specific lessons, enhancing skills, and monitoring student’s learning process. Instructors will offer at least four (4) live online sessions for an 8-week course and at least six (6) live online sessions for a 12-week course. The organization welcomes constant communication with students to be able to complete the course on time via different means such e-mails, announcement, text-messaging, and instructor’s professional preference taking control of the facilitator’s role. 

Instructors are meant to use diagnostic reports to view student scores by unit, skill, and activity. Instructors monitor student progress on activity or test as often as needed. Instructors use their professionalism to analyze class data to determine steps for remediation and support.

Course Components

  • Student e-book with MyEnglishLab, and teaching resources.
  • Teacher’s resources including student eBook, downloadable tests, classroom audio, audio scripts, and video activities.
  • MyEnglishLab Assessments include placement tests, check what students know, checkpoints as formative assessments, achievement tests, context video program, audio and audio scripts, and unit interactive projects.

**ELA’s Academic Courses and Formal English Placement Test are powered by Pearson MyEnglishLab, providing a simple registration and access process, integration with ELA’s systems and classes, and own records.