ELA’s Method

Active learning method in person, blended and online classes

Facilitating professional success & language – cross cultural training!

  • Deliver Online and face-to-face Instruction using video & audio materials
  • Hybrid practice using an interactive environment with instant feedback and tips to scaffold learning.
  • Monitor’s learner’s performance.
  • Design classes to target weak areas
  • Mobile, tablet, and desktop computers are friendly.
  • Enables 24/7 Access
  • Apply frequent assessments.
  • Engage students

Overall…Wrapping Up…

Elite Language Academy courses accomplish the following pedagogical goals:

  1. Interaction based
  2. Every single course is linked to an interactive and innovative academic platform to deliver teaching content in varied linguistic ways.
  3. Personalize the learning experience.
  4. The presence of instructors incorporates their professional expertise clarifying specific lessons, enhancing skills, and monitoring student’s learning process.
  5. Promote active and inductive learning encouraging independent learners.
  6. Instructors are meant to use diagnostic reports to view student scores. Instructors monitor student progress on activity or test as often as needed. Instructors use their professionalism to analyze class data to determine steps for remediation and support.
  7. Recognize the importance of review and recycling
  8.  Our organization welcomes constant communication with students to be able to complete the course on time via different means such e-mails, announcement, text-messaging, and instructor’s professional preference taking control of the facilitator’s role. 

How Elite Language Academy (ELA)’s Programs Work

ELA innovative language approach delivers english language instructions while apply effective techniques for speecific language skills. Students will obtain gramatical  structures charts to apply diverse tupes of exercises such as writen, area analysis, listening and pronunciation and practices, at the sametime the teaching approach of listening, speaking, reading and writing are part integrated of skill courses.

Take Courses

All ELA’s online courses present combined English language skills with a concentration of one specific one (Grammar/ Writing/ Listening/ Speaking/ Reading). To begin, choose the English program you are interested in, based on your needs.

Take the alternative placement test if it’s needed as a reference for the course you want to take. After getting the score result indicators, enroll in the course(s) directly. When you enroll in a course that is part of a program, you’re automatically subscribed to the full program.

An administrator will contact you to set your access codes and further instructions to begin your virtual journey. ELA will guide you to accomplish all your courses successfully. Our International advisement team will assist you to design your individual academic plan to make possible your professional and higher education expectations. You will receive supporting resources to lead your online classes and e-live sessions with our linguistic experts, with confidence and perseverance! Trust in us!

ELA’s Courses

Our courses are accessible, interactive, and effective.

  • Study anywhere, anytime on desktop or mobile
  • Fully supported on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • Video lessons that cover concepts, pitfalls, and shortcuts
  • High-quality material for each section of all courses. Study anywhere, anytime with language experts (Expert -Created Content).
  • Time yourself taking practice tests, just like you would on final assessment day.
  • Learn everything from basic English grammar structures to advanced English language strategies with our collection of lesson videos and virtual Professors (Extensive teaching-learning lessons).
  • Select the perfect study schedule based on your needs to stay on track and motivated with your studies (Ideal Study Schedule)
  • Over 300 practice questions to help you prepare for your course completion
  • Responsive team of remote tutors answer your questions via email (E-mail/Conference Support)

Course Completion

Every interactive online course includes a final digital artifact besides the e-course formal evaluations on ELA’s academic platforms. You’ll need to successfully finish ALL assignments and assessment evidence to earn your certificate.

Earn a Certificate

When you finish every course, complete the digital artifact, and submit the end course survey, you’ll earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers, academic advisors, and your professional networking.

How ELA’s Course Modules Happen?

They are ALL Relevant, Meaningful & Enjoyable 

  • Each lesson addresses an English competency English level. Students who successfully complete ELA’s courses earn a certificate.
  • Content abundant modules provide tutorial videos, guidelines, and supporting materials with diverse resources.
  • Mainly online course with four/6 synchronous sessions based on course length selection.
  • Professional support by experts in language teaching and learning
  • Continue access to e-course materials only for a year after course completion. 

ELA’s Online Model Class

Watch this video to see what an online class with Elite Language Academy looks like. Here you can view how to unlock the course, how you will interact with the instructor, and our unique methodology.