Translations and Interpretations

Accurate Interpretation and traslations Services across industries.


Elite Language Academy is compromised to Crossing Language Barriers between organizations, agencies, and foreign audiences facilitating cross-cultural communication successfully.

ELA’s service is to present communication through excellent, culturally precise, translation services. The purpose is to enlighten client’s world ventures obtaining the intended message and complete satisfaction. 


Elite Language Academy (ELA) provides diverse types of Interpretation Services in mayor languages across industries. ELA’s interpreters are accredited linguistics who have the mission to represent you showing high standards of  professionalism in the field.

Consecutive Interpretations

It occurs when the speaker and the interpreter share turns speaking. It is normally used in legal hearings and varied professional field conferences.

Simultaneous Interpretations

It happens when the speaker(s) and the interpreter(s) speak at the same time. This style occurs in corporate conferences, conventions, and as needed events.

Over The Phone

The communication transaction is using the phone or an online application such as Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype. It is recommended for overseas customers and colleagues. It has also been used for medical appointments lately to assist a growing diverse international population.

Language Facilitator

The language assistant or travel interpreter normally assists customers to get across on business trips. Some language facilitators escort customers to specific meetings following a corporate agenda.