Elite Language Academy


A blended Spanish Program that includes instructor’s sessions in person or in zoom.


Inductive and communicate approach with tech components plus instructor’s meaningful live sessions.


Twice  a week


ELETECA Digital Platform, E-Workbook & Spanish Language Lab


Latinamerican native Instructors

The Course

Each ELA’s Spanish conversation course is integrated into the ELETECA Digital platform. ELA’s Spanish Conversation covers levels A1, A2 and B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and the Instituto Cervantes Curriculum Plan (PCIC). It is structured into six levels with content designed so that students can learn and practice Spanish independently and/or with a Spanish instructor.

ELA’s Spanish course modules presents multimedia material based on audiovisual stimuli, from which the consolidation of the linguistic and cultural knowledge necessary to understand and produce correctly in Spanish is worked on.

Teachers have direct access to the work done by their students and performance reports can be downloaded. In addition, they have all the advanced features offered by the platform: create classes, activate or deactivate activities, set delivery deadlines, grade books.

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    Advantages of this Program

    Interaction based

    It allows students to incorporate new language to apply it instantly. The application of conversational strategies makes students learn skills needed for effective spoken communication.

    Interactive Experience

    Engaging activities that motivate students to discuss ideas as they talk about their interests and experiences in Spanish

    Dynamic & Active Learning

    Students are challenged to study and use grammar structures in Spanish. This approach facilitates the understanding of common grammatical rules from theory to practice. Motivation and integration guarantee success to all participants at any Spanish language stage!

    What do ELA’s Spanish Courses Include?

    Each Spanish level includes interactive lessons developed in 4 course modules. These course modules are made up of a content presentation and three different parts:


    Presentation and practice of the contents of the lesson that the student works online independently. Presentation videos with native speakers, guided exposition of the contents, interactive and audio activities, evaluation test and oral and written exercises to be tutored by the teacher.


    Expansion and/or deepening of the contents through videos and interactive and communicative activities for work in face-to-face, semi-face-to-face courses or for autonomous work.

    Situational videos with grammar explanations, interactive activities to work on all the contents (online or in downloadable worksheets for class work) and a communicative sequence with downloadable material for supervised and/or face-to-face work.


    In this module, student and teacher will be able to check if the contents of the lesson have been acquired.


    You have 24/7 availability on this platform where you can manage your course, as follow up on classes, review previous ones and carry out your evaluations.

    Program Content

    This ultimate course is the best setting for blended / face to face Spanish learning and it contains:

    • Latin American certified teachers
    • Private session  from 5 to 10 students max.
    • 1.5 academic hour, two sessions every week.
    • Different resources in each session.
    • Conversational topics for daily life.
    • Spanish course with more resources with Edinumen- ELETECA Language Lab

    What You Will Learn


    Describe a person.

    Describe places.

    Interact at the bar.

    Express moods.

    Express likes.


    To make a purchase.

    Give opinion and debate.


    Ask for favours

    Talk about the past.

    Narrate events that are happening.

    Talk about plans and projects.

    Accept or reject proposals.

    Express cause and purpose.


    Learn more about the flow and modules that our courses include

    Ask for our Intensive week!

    • Twice a week (blended or in person)
    • 3 hours sessions
    • Course access at anytime though my English lab

    4 Week Course

    Basic or Intermediate Spanish
    $ 549
    • 4 Week Course
    • 8 teacher's sessions
    • E-course Language Lab
    • 24/7 Access to Spanish Learning Language Lab Platform
    • Class Hours: Flexible
    • Recorded session
    • Monitored Course Progress
    • Certificate

    8 Week Course

    Basic or Intermediate Spanish
    $ 789
    • 8 Week Course
    • 16 teacher's sessions
    • E-course language Lab
    • 24/7 Access to Spanish Learning Language Lab Platform
    • Class Hours: Flexible
    • Recorded session
    • Monitored Course Progress
    • Certificate

    Customized Sessions

    We”ll propose a customized suitable program based on your needs.

    Conversation Program Group Sessions in Person, Online, and Blended

    Check our availability for this live class frequency Monday – Wednesday. ET Hours

    Check our availability for this live class frequency Wednesday – Friday. ET Hours

    Check our availability for this live class frequency Tuesday – Thursday. ET Hours.

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      This course is aimed at


      • A blended Spanish Program that includes instructor’s sessions in person or in zoom.


      • People who want to work in Latin America countries or Spain and need to manage an Spanish-speaking social environment.
      • Entrepreneurs or business people who want to maintain  networking conections with spanish international employees or customers.
      • People who want to work in Latinamerica and need to improve their fluency
      • People with a basic level of Spanish who want to improve their pronunciation in a social context.


      • PC or MAC with internet connection
      • IOS o Android mobile phone
      • Integrated Camera
      • Integrated Microphone