ELA’s Accelerated English Program


( 12 Week Courses)

An administrative fee of $150 will be added. Financing options available.


( 8 Week Courses)

An administrative fee of $150 will be added. Financing options available.


This ultimate program will offer you the linguistic English knowledge to communicate effectively and accurately in the four English language skills in Writing, Reading, Listening/Speaking, and Grammar. 

This innovative pedagogical design is six-level English program based on the latest second language learning research. This program can be taken in a regular module or in an intensive one. The regular module offers twelve extensive courses. The intensive module presents six courses. They both deliver language teaching in natural ways using authentic contexts stressing conversation techniques and strategies to obtain learners’ fluency and confidence. This ultimate teaching platform is the best setting for online learning that can also be adapted for blending or classroom-based programs taking into consideration requests and needs. The truth is that “ Online Access means instant access anytime, anywhere.”


Key Features

  • This accelerated English program follows Cambridge Corpus-informed language extensive research that ensures language needs to be taught in the linguistic codes people really use (Cambridge University Press, 2020).
  • Interpersonal- strategies of this program provide learners get language and skills to interact naturally and confidently (Cambridge University Press, 2020).
  • Students receive inductive learning to work out grammatical structures and English usage for themselves. Consequently, they tend to remember what they have been taught (Cambridge University Press, 2020).
  • This program incorporates valid research into the Cambridge Learner Corpus that highlights typical common learner errors. These observations are presented in “ Common Error “ charts to assist students avoid them before target language codes become entrenched (Cambridge University Press, 2020).


Methodology and Research

This accelerated English program is designed based on extensive research into the Cambridge International Corpus that covers a large database of everyday conversations and texts that demonstrate how people actually speak English. It presents the best features of common communicative methodologies with stimulating activities carefully crafted to focus on the learning process (Cambridge University Press, 2020).

Elite Language Academy Accelerated program makes sure that each course accomplishes the following pedagogical goals: 

  • Interaction-based

Every lesson has the purpose to get students communicating in English. This interactive interaction allows students to incorporate new language to apply it instantly. The application of conversation strategies makes students learn skills needed for effective spoken communication.

  • Personalizes the learning experience

This course component engages activities that motivate students to discuss their own lives and ideas as they speak topics of their interests and experiences. All topics are suitable with the 21st century teaching and learning environment on TV, music, Internet, sports, and celebrities.

  • Promotes active and inductive learning

All students complete tasks and assignments that actively involve them in the learning process. Students are challenged to figure out (inductive learning) grammar structure or English usage. Figuring something out for oneself is a powerful aid to understanding, and research demonstrates that activities that have this component, results in successful learning. Tasks show students how target grammar structures are formed and used before they are formally introduced. Conversation strategies, word-sort activities, and vocabulary e-pad induce students to actively learn new vocabulary.

  • Encourages students to be independent learners

It presents learning outcomes/objectives beginning each lesson. It provides a checklist on vocabulary e-pages and language progress to monitor students’ learning. Reading tips facilitate students to improve their reading skills in varied texts.

  • Recognizes the importance of review and recycling

English language learners need to review constantly. This program recycles and reviews target language in several skills organizing section-lessons in “ Before you Begin, Conversation Strategy, Reading, Listening, Vocabulary e-Pad, Checkpoint, and Online Workbook.” Grammar, vocabulary, and conversation strategies taught in earlier units are recycled in later units.

  • Offers flexibility to meet the needs of specific classes

This accelerated English program can be used as individualized, small, and large classes depending on students’ needs. This program can be completed following two pedagogical modules (Intensive & Regular). 


ELA’s Online English Program Keynotes 

ELA – Touchstone Online helps the teacher better understand the students’ individual learning needs and allows more time for student, teacher interaction 9 Cambridge University Press. 2020).

Online Activities are scaffolded to provide students with the building pieces they need in order to develop their language ability in gradual steps, incorporating the key stages of illustration, induction, and interaction. This allows students to achieve the same learning outcomes as they would do in class. 

Keep in mind taking this course you will get:

  • Additional listening exercises and built-in reporting tools that allow teachers to check their students’ progress
  • Fun language learning games
  • Animated grammar presentations
  • Voice recordings that lets students compare their speaking with model speakers
  • Video role-play activities
  • Blogs and joint writing projects that allow students to practice authentic communication online
  • Forums, allow students to collaborate and interact online. Students can record their voice, and leave spoken messages
  • The Online Workbook includes all of the exercises from the original print workbook, optimized for Web delivery.
  • Automatic grading that gives students instant feedback on their work
  • Progress tracking lets teachers monitor students work and plan classes around students’ needs
  • Automatically generated student progress reports


Cambridge Corpus-Informed Approach

The curriculum structure mainly teaches the four English skills of listening/speaking, grammar, reading, and writing. It includes varied language strategies in reading, writing, and speaking. It goes above and beyond the typical English course materials since it contains a full, helpful, and attractive notes about the way English is really used/spoken. At the same time, it assists students become more efficient and independent learners by presenting e-techniques to log and recall new language structures and vocabulary. Lesson units follow a determined order with the purpose to guide students to new structures and vocabulary taught in the earlier lessons that are normally recycled and reused in the later lessons. Each lesson in a unit assumes that students have learned the language of the previous lesson (s). For instance, simple present statements are taught before simple present questions; students learn the strategy of asking questions in two ways only after they have learned how to ask Yes/No and interrogative questions 

(Cambridge University Press, 2020).


Schedule & Enrollment

  • Classes begin every two weeks
  • Minimum age to enroll in the program is 15
  • Placement test is online, upon receipt of application for registration
  • Students obtain certificate of English as Second language (ESL) upon completion of last level six



( 12 Week Courses)

An administrative fee of $150 will be added. Financing options available.


( 8 Week Courses)

An administrative fee of $150 will be added. Financing options available.