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English Skills for Work

Reading | Writing | Listening | Speaking

April 4th, 7:00 PM ET Florida
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April 4th.
7.00 PM ET


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If you are looking for an opportunity to boost your personal and professional growth, you cannot miss English Skills for Growth.

This free event will provide you with the necessary and current tools to improve your English language skills in a comprehensive way: Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking, which will allow you to expand your horizons and achieve your professional goals more easily.

In addition, you will be able to share experiences in a friendly, dynamic and collaborative class. You too can grow, transform and transcend with a better English!

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    What people say about Elite Language Academy

    Improve your English Performance at Work.

    This model class presents the essential foundation to interact in practical English and appropriate language use for any job in U.S. A. Students will get confidence opening conversations of diverse topics such as, expressing sympathy, happiness, will of salary increase, and much more. It is a class with the latest inductive learning approach with innovative interactive tools and ultimate pedagogy.

    The valuable contribution of the instructor’s online class enhances listening, speaking, writing and reading with instant feedback giving meaningful teaching to all students. Students will have the chance to plant a seed to keep developing at work and U.S. A. new life in general.

    Learn Skills for Work in USA

    Listening for Work
    Writing for Work
    Reading for Work
    Speaking for Work

    What will you learn?

    • Foundations of English Grammar, Listening/Speaking, Reading and Vocabulary Building.
    • Fast English Tips for English Non Native Students.
    • Guidelines for Learning English Foundations

    What will you need?

    • PC/MAC or Mobile
    • Internet connection
    • Pencil and paper
    • Availability for one hour without distractions
    • Zoom account or web navigator. 


    Dra. Katya Pizarro

    Dr. Katia Pizarro is the Founder and President of Elite Language Academy, a virtual language center in USA. As an innate educator, she lectures as a Professor at Broward College in Florida. Her research interests and publications relate to TESOL education, multiculturalism, schooling settings with ESL students, and professional development. Her dissertation Exploring Private School Teachers’
    Perceptions and Pedagogical Efficacy with English language Learners, has effectively contributed to ESL teaching in U.S. She has frequently delivered presentations at Annual TASS, Teaching Academic Survival and Success Conferences.
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    This lesson is for

    • Personas que quieran aprender inglĂ©s desde nivel Intermedio y tener una conversaciĂłn del dĂ­a a dĂ­a en la oficina.
    • Personas que quieren visitar Estados Unidos a corto plazo y necesitan unirse a un equipo de trabajo en inglĂ©s.
    • Personas que necesitan contacto virtual frecuente con el mercado o equipo estadounidense.
    • Personas que son de EE. UU. y quieren mejorar su inglĂ©s para el trabajo.
    • Jefes de capacitaciĂłn de empresas que están buscando programas de inglĂ©s corporativo. 


    • PC or MAC with internet connection
    • Cell phone with IOS or Android operating systems


    • Live session with a ELA representative.

    About ELA, Elite Language Academy

    Ela, Elite Language Academy, is an online learning center that facilitates knowledge of the English language, fosters multicultural awareness and teaching practices through technological innovation. We strive to assist in the achievement of our students’ academic and overall goals.


    We are committed to giving you the best, ensuring an education of the best quality for a current and global world.


    We are constantly redefining the syllabus, based on new innovative methods and student experience


    We respect differences in ethnic, cultural, religious, and gender orientation of students and teachers.


    Somos Ă­ntegros manteneos nuestros acuerdos y planes de acciĂłn justos y transparentes.