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Listening and Speaking core basic Skills

Learn English with Elite Language Academy! These free lessons embedded an innovative methodology with the inductive learning process.

Thursday, May 19th

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Hour: 19:00 ET

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This is a new series of free live English lessons for non-native speakers. In 6 sessions you will learn the fundamentals of speaking and listening in accelerated, business and academic English.

Free Lessons to learn english

1. Learning English Foundation - Core Basic Skills (Watch here!)

Wednesday April 13th, 19:00 ET / Zoom / Miss Katya Pizarro

2. Transicional Core English Skills to Business English (Watch here!)

Thursday April 21st, 19:00 ET / Zoom / Miss Katya Pizarro

3. Practical English Tips from Basic - Intermediate - Advanced

Thursday April 28th, 19:00 ET / Zoom / Miss Katya Pizarro

4. Speaking English Fluently and Professionally in Business

Thursday May 5th, 19:00 ET / Zoom / Miss Katya Pizarro

5. Ultimate Top Guideline in Academic English TOEFL/ IELTS Tests

Thursday May 12th, 19:00 ET / Zoom / Miss Katya Pizarro

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About ELA

Ela, Elite Language Academy, is an online learning center that facilitates knowledge of the English language, fosters multicultural awareness and teaching practices through technological innovation. We strive to assist in the achievement of our students’ academic and overall goals.


We are committed to giving you the best, ensuring an education of the best quality for a current and global world.


We are constantly redefining the syllabus, based on new innovative methods and student experience


We respect differences in ethnic, cultural, religious, and gender orientation of students and teachers.


Somos íntegros manteneos nuestros acuerdos y planes de acción justos y transparentes.

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