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English for Work

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Academic English Program 
(EAP courses)

All Academic English courses are designed to facilitate our English language learners (ELLs) to become fluent in English and independent learners. Every single course is linked to an interactive and innovative academic platform to deliver teaching content in varied linguistic ways.


This ultimate program will offer you the linguistic English knowledge to communicate effectively and accurately in the four English language skills in Writing, Reading, Listening/Speaking, and Grammar.  All ELA’s Courses Include E-Book/E-Workbook/E-English Lab Plus Tech, Learning Support with Tuition!

TOEFL & IELTS Prep, College Essay Prep for ESL Business English

We work with organizations and students that need customized or industry-specific English programs. Please contact us to schedule a phone consultation and better understand your needs.

International US Highschool

USA High School English Program is an intensive course structure academic design aimed towards students of all part of the world, non-native English speakers that are planning to have a high school diploma in the USA.

Conversation Courses

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Live English🇺🇸 Conversation Sessions.

To improve your interpersonal communication skills once or twice a week.

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Live Spanish🇪🇸 Conversation Sessions.

Improve your Spanish speaking skills by building up your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and interpersonal skills.

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Private Language Sessions.

The personalized english you need any time any day for you or your work team.

About ELA, Elite Language Academy

Ela, Elite Language Academy, is an online learning center that facilitates knowledge of the English language, fosters multicultural awareness and teaching practices through technological innovation. We strive to assist in the achievement of our students’ academic and overall goals.


We are committed to giving you the best, ensuring an education of the best quality for a current and global world.


We are constantly redefining the syllabus, based on new innovative methods and student experience


We respect differences in ethnic, cultural, religious, and gender orientation of students and teachers.


Somos íntegros manteneos nuestros acuerdos y planes de acción justos y transparentes.

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